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Hello and welcome to the Society for Creative Anachromism (SCA) Queensland portal.

The SCA is a international education based re-creation society that is dedicated to the re-creation of life prior to 1600.
The groups in Queensland are a part of the Kingdom of Lochac (encompasses Australia and New Zealand) which is a part of the worldwide SCA
There are several groups of the SCA throughout Queensland.
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Groups in Queensland
Barony of River Haven Brisbane North of the Brisbane River, Redcliff, Noosa region, the rest of Queesland not covered by the groups below.
Barony of Saint Florian de-la-riviere    Brisbane South of the Brisbane River and the northen portion of Redlands Shire.
Canton of Burnfield Wide Bay/Burnett region, North to Gladstone and west to Kingaroy .
Canton of Stegby Warwick and Stanthorpe